automoto performance tuning

Automoto performance tuning

We are specialized in the lightening and balancing crankshafts and flywheels of all types of cars and motorcycles, manufacturing new steel flywheels and making lightweight aluminum crankshafts pulleys. The serial crankshafts and flywheelss are balanced to a certain tolerance to the ISO 1940 standard. We balance cranks and flywheels on racing tolerances below 0.5 grams

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digital length meter

Digital length measuring devices 

We manufacture digital length meters for wires and cables, edge bands and the like. Our gauge is manufactured in accordance with the European Directive MID (ES certificate SI 17-01-002 MID, issued by an authorized body - the RS Measuring Office with the mark 1376). The meter can be used as a legal measure in the EU

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dynamic balancing

Dynamic balancing

We offer a dynamic balancing service for various rotors, both in our workshop on our own machines and in the field. Each rotor, or each rotating element, needs to be balanced. This is a method of equalizing the mass, or canceling the centrifugal forces acting on the rotor and thus producing harmful vibrations. System that vibrates considerably shorter life, reduced efficiency and dangerous due to the possibility of separating certain components.

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other products

Other products

Other significant products and services from our range

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