automoto performance tuning

Automoto performance tuning

We are a specialized workshop for facilitating and balancing the crankshafts and flywheels of all types of cars and motorcycles, making new steel flywheels and manufacturing of lightweight aluminum crankshaft pulleys. Serial flywheels and crankshafts are balanced to a certain tolerance to the ISO 1940 standard. We balance cranks and flywheels to racing tolerances below 0.5 grams

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automoto performance tuning

Advantages of lightening the crank and flywheel ...

A lot more aggressive throttle response without losing the power to turn the heavy crankshaft, which means more power to the drive wheels. Car or motorcycle has better acceleration. Due to the method of weighing, the oil is not retained on the crankshaft and thus reduces the impact of oil on the crankshaft unbalance

automoto performance tuning

Advantages of balancing crankshafts and flywheels ...

Unbalanced or insufficiently well-balanced crankshaft (flywheel) will rotate with increased vibration that will increase friction and thereby reduce bearing life and reduce the usable power of the engine. Increased engine vibration transmitted to the whole car or motorcycle, and can lead to cracking of parts that rotate and thus cause severe damage to the engine.

automoto performance tuning

Aluminum lightweight crankshaft pulley

Pulleys are made of high quality aluminum alloy resistant to wear and cracking. All our pulleys are balanced to racing tolerance.
The benefits of lightweight aluminum pulleys ... very light (more than 3 times lighter than steel pulleys serial), more aggressive throttle response, better car acceleration


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